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Remie Longbrake – Prosper Pathways

A coach for a financial game plan

When Remie Longbrake, founder of Prosper Pathways, thinks of wealth, a few things come to mind. He sees opportunity for not only a sound financial livelihood, but also good health, being happy with one’s accomplishments, and knowing a difference is being made to better ourselves and those around us.

Remie Longbrake – Prosper Pathways

Remie Longbrake | Founder | Prosper Pathways

That difference is what truly sets Longbrake apart from a majority of financial planners and wealth managers, his business is centered on financial education and practical coaching principles. Located in Kenton, Ohio, northwest of Columbus, he works with clients both local and afar. Prosper Pathways prides itself on learning about the clients in detail and treating them as family. The firm focuses not only on financial goals, but in taking a holistic approach to help clients understand their goals and what steps can be taken to achieve them.

The reality is much of America has been left behind. Many cannot afford an emergency expense and have way too little, if anything, saved for retirement. The COVID-19 is a perfect example. The outbreak is breaking families and it’s heartbreaking to say the least.

Like Longbrake’s own experiences, life is very challenging. He learned at a young age that hard work alone doesn’t always pay off, but with the right commitment and preparation in place, big changes can happen.

Remie Longbrake – Prosper Pathways

Those changes are what Longbrake and his business stands for. For instance, a young man and his wife took up his offer, reviewed their finances and life goals objectively. With a baby on the way, they were able to prep for a new job, settle to a new home, pay down bad debts, and welcome baby into the world.

As Longbrake tells Equity, “People are always transitioning, whether it’s their career, their physical fitness, their family life, they’re always in transition, though they still have basic needs: shelter, money, health.”

Always a solution

“We are a little unique,” he goes on to say. “We are fee based, and we give plenty of options and transparency to our clients. We always start out with a simple but powerful conversation, to see if we are a good fit. If so, the client chooses an option that works in their best interest.”

If a married couple seeks his input, he wants both parties communicating, especially on big decisions. As a coach, he’ll use handouts and issue homework to get his clients thinking long term and staying committed.

The firm also believes in technology, utilizing Skype and Facebook frequently to stay in contact. Sometimes he’ll do a 10-minute call just to bring positivity to the day. He’ll usually meet at least twice a month with a client, depending on the objectives.

Remie Longbrake – Prosper Pathways

“Ideally, we want to help our clients get the biggest worries in check first,” he says. “That is usually finances, but not always. Once we have that in order, we can emphasize other priorities like time management, developing better habits, and being more effective leaders, so clients can achieve bigger successes and have a legacy that inspires.”

The services are meant to assist the client in their unique journey, says Longbrake, who’s not shy about citing faith-based principles in his approach to business and life itself. It will take some time, focus and effort, but if one is tired of the status quo and serious about self-improvement, he says Prosper Pathways can move them forward.”

For best results, he asks some of the following questions:

  • Where are you now and what is your life about?
  • Where do you want to be in one, five, 25 years from now?
  • How do you want to be remembered?

Looking for answers

When Longbrake came to terms with these questions and could honestly answer them, things started to change for him.

”It was all the more reason I took on a mentor of my own, and mentorship is exactly what we do,” he says. “It’s not just about your ideal 401(k) balance and when you want to retire. Although great questions, it’s not enough to take action for most, otherwise as a society we would be much further along. We educate people on money concepts, such as interest, inflation, and equity. To understand the cost of money and build peace of mind.”

Remie Longbrake – Prosper Pathways

Though the services are geared toward midcareer professionals, both younger and older clients can benefit. And unlike most money specialists, the priorities Prosper Pathways assist with go way beyond funds. Those looking to better their fitness, mindset, careers, they can help.

“I love ambition,” Longbrake says; “You show me the drive, we can help with the rest. The biggest fear I have is to come at the end of my life and knowing I didn’t do enough. The reality none of us know when that is, so it’s best to be prepared.”

As an in-his-prime 37-year-old, Longbrake says he has much wisdom to share.

“I’ll welcome anyone who is willing to improve their lives to better the lives of others,” he says. “It’s through that positive transition that a beautiful life is best lived.”

Remie Longbrake – Prosper Pathways

He wants his clients to not only understand their finances, but their lives. There is a commonality with all clients. That is to a have a lifestyle they can enjoy, have options, and make a difference through small improvements along the way.

While nobody wants to be in a crisis, Longbrake says crises can be the most valuable learning experiences. It’s the unknown that’s so daunting.

“So when we take the lessons from our own journey and learn from others, we can place ourselves in a more productive position,” he says. “And it’s in that position that coaching comes into play.”

Which Longbrake is eager to provide.



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